Reports of Fiat 500 Station wagon are rubbish; its a SUV people!

29/05/2009 - 23:08 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Bad News - The Fiat 500 station wagon which we are tracking turns out to be tale of asking and predicting directions to the city that isn't there.

Good News - The next Fiat 500 variant, post 500C, is a Fiat 500 junior SUV, sort of.

The Fiat 500 SUV will borrow extra items from the Fiat Panda parts bin. The chic hatch already shares the platform with the low-cost Panda (but is a high-cost car in India as it is a CBU). The new Fiat 500 SUV will use Panda’s four wheel drive and could remain a 3-door model.

4 doors could scratch the looks of this car which people around the world (including a global warming scientist named Jeremy Clarkson in Britain, who finds most beautiful cars appalling) accept and approve it for its cute, cuddly and charming looks. So let Fiat build it with two doors only.

Scissor door and soft top variants are also rumoured, but no confirmation yet. We’re hunting for more, so watch this space.

Source - Channel 4

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