Have a peek at the upcoming models through the latest car renderings with IndianAutosBlog. We bring the latest car renderings of car models in both the international and the domestic markets.

What is car rendering?

In the automotive industry, before the launch of a new model and even before the car brand revealed the official images of a new model, the audience is quite informed about how this model will look like thanks to the works of the car rendering artists. A car rendering is usually based on spy images of an upcoming car. These rendering images predict the look of the new model and help the audience visualize what a car would look like without the camouflage. The car rendering also allows the artist to reimagine a car design and breathe a new life into the existing version.

How is a car rendering made?

There are many ways to create a car rendering model. For example, the rendering artist can take the design cues from the spy images and combine them with the existing model to imagine the new model. Some artists can even design a new model from scratch. There are multiple designing tools for digital rendering artists to create their artworks. Here are some popular tools among car rendering artists, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Alias, Autodesk 3DS Max, Rhino 3D, and so on.

Where to get the latest car renderings?

Many world-famous automotive magazines have their in-house designers do the job. The designer will update and create rendering for new models that are about to hit the global market. In India, IndianAutosBlog provides our readers with the latest renderings made by artists outside India. Moreover, our rendering artist, SRK, is also working on creating digitally-imagined vehicles that are and will be available in the Indian market. To get the latest rendering images of the new car model, visit

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