Honda ZR-V imagined as a Jeep Compass rivaling compact SUV

13/05/2020 - 18:05 | ,  ,   | Sagar Parikh

A recent trademark application suggested that a Honda ZR-V small SUV is in the making. Brazilian illustrator Kleber Silva was quick enough to create renderings of the future SUV in just a matter of days, but he has portrayed it as a Jeep Compass rivaling compact SUV (C-SUV) instead.

Honda Zr V Front Quarters Rendering
Honda will probably launch the ZR-V as a small SUV (B-SUV) measuring 4.0-4.2 metres in length.

The rendered Honda ZR-V looks quite stunning. It features an angular front fascia that reminds of the Honda Passport and Honda Pilot, a noticeably low and wide body, a floating roofline and a substantially rakish rear windscreen. It is actually the Changan Uni-T with a modified design.

In reality, we think the Honda ZR-V will have relatively simpler proportions, look rather conventional and be smaller. We reckon the next-gen Honda HR-V will instead be the SUV bearing a really athletic design, and that too quite an offbeat one.

Honda Zr V Rear Quarters Rendering
The base of the rendered Honda ZR-V is the Changan UNI-T, which measures 4,515 mm in length, 1,870 mm in width and 1,565 mm in height.

At the moment, there’s zero evidence to confidently bet on any of the theories about the so-called Honda ZR-V. The name, if used, would obviously be for an SUV, most likely a small SUV. This B-SUV could be the rumoured low-cost, length restricted (sub-4 metre) SUV for India or the expensive (and 4,000 mm+) SUV positioned below the next-gen Honda HR-V.

Should the Honda ZR-V turn out to be the made-for-India Kia Sonet rival, its length will not exceed 4,000 mm. Then, it will likely be based on the platform of the Honda Amaze. Should it be the sub-Honda HR-V B-SUV for the developed markets, then it would be slightly longer and be based on the platform of the Mk4 Honda Jazz. Then, the closest competitor would be the recently revealed Toyota Yaris Cross.

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