Honda H’ness CB350 Mileage Test in Real-World Conditions

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We recently posted an article about the Honda H’ness CB350 top speed test. The 350cc motorcycle touched 135km/h with a pillion but took forever to reach this mark. Now, it’s time for the fuel economy test. In this story, we’re going to talk about the Honda H’ness CB 350 mileage in real-world conditions. For that, we have a video which has been uploaded by YouTuber KSC Vlogs.

Before diving into the mileage test, let’s have a look at the H’ness CB350 specs. It uses a 348.36cc single-cylinder engine which has been tuned to produce 21hp of max power at 5500rpm and put out 30Nm of peak torque at 3000rpm. The engine is coupled to a 5-speed gearbox. The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 rival has a kerb weight of 181kg.

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We can see in the video that the Honda H’ness CB350 mileage test is being conducted with a pillion on-board. The rider first exhausts the remaining fuel in the tank and then fills up a litre of petrol. At this point, the motorcycle’s odometer shows a reading of 733. Now, the mileage test begins. The CB350 is being ridden in varying conditions including open roads, broken roads, in the city, and on the highway. This means that the final result would give you a fair idea about what mileage to expect from the Honda in everyday usage.

After riding around for a while, the H’ness CB350 finally ran out of gas. The odometer reading at this point is 763. Hence, the fuel economy comes out to be 30km/l which is decent. Now, we would like to remind you that this test has been conducted with a pillion on-board which means added weight, that certainly impacts the overall fuel efficiency as well as the performance of the motorcycle.

Have you carried out a mileage test on your H’ness CB350? If yes, let us know what figures did you obtain in the comments below.

In other news, Honda has recently launched the new CB350RS. It is a sportier version of the H’ness CB350 and costs slightly more.

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