First-Ever Heavy Truck Safety Rating Tests: Euro NCAP Reveals Details

24/04/2024 - 17:02 | Commercial Vehicles,   | IAB Team

We have mostly heard of NCAP ratings for cars. Multiple crash tests are carried out in controlled environments and the vehicles are rated on a plethora of aspects with a 5-star rating being the highest. Now, similar to how there is a safety rating for cars, Euro NCAP has revealed details of the first-ever heavy truck safety rating.

First Ever Heavy Truck Safety Rating Euro Ncap

Euro NCAP officially announces a major milestone in the development towards a Truck Safe rating scheme. This is in direct response to data showing that while trucks represent only 3% of vehicles on Europe’s roads they are involved in almost 15% of all EU road fatalities.

At NCAP24, in front of an audience of international road safety experts and industry, Euro NCAP will showcase what elements the organisation is currently considering as part of a future Truck Safe rating and how it intends to evaluate and benchmark truck performance.

Trucks play a vital role in a vibrant and productive economy. However, data shows there is a disproportionate number of truck-related fatalities across Europe. Euro NCAP’s future rating scheme is designed to go further and faster than current EU truck safety regulations, while also driving innovation and balancing the needs of the different commercial vehicle sectors across Europe.

Accidents between trucks and vulnerable road users (VRUs) currently account for 25% of all EU fatalities, with pedestrians and cyclists accounting for over a quarter of these. Truck accidents vary significantly depending on the type of road environment (City or Highway) as well as the collision partner (passenger car or VRU). The new tests will emulate real-world collisions and encourage manufacturers to fit collision avoidance technologies and improve driver vision.

In the future, Euro NCAP will expand the programme to include crash protection as well. The approach taken by Euro NCAP is designed to highlight technologies that are both cost-effective and deliver on safety and allow operators to select the safest vehicle for a particular role.

As manufacturers respond to the tests, the requirements will evolve. In 2027, increased active safety requirements around manoeuvring will be required; then in 2030, Euro NCAP will start the crash testing of trucks to encourage better passive safety protection. The vehicles will be tested by sector and will focus on city delivery, highway distribution, long haul, and tipper and refuse trucks. The first release of ratings will be announced in November 2024.

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