Honda Announces Team for 2022 International Racing Championships

21/03/2022 - 21:00 | Honda Motorcycles | IAB Team

As the 2022 season of the International Racing Championship is set to resume after two years of enforced inactivity, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has announced its international racing team for the
2022 season.

Honda Racing India Riders 2022

Beginning the 2022 season with renewed motivation and energy, the four best Indian riders from Honda Racing India team will represent India on the international racetrack at the 2022 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) and Thailand Talent Cup (TTC).

Sharing an overview of Honda’s racing journey, Mr. Atsushi Ogata, MD, President & CEO - Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, said:

I’m happy that the motorsports activities in India and the Asian region are getting back to normal after a two-year gap. It is my dream to see an iconic Indian Rider making India proud at international championships. To realize this dream, we have laid a 360-degree roadmap that focuses on faster skill up of potential Indian riders under the able guidance of Mr. Tadayuki Okada, ex MotoGP rider. This year, two of India’s racing icons will compete with Asia’s best at Asia Road Racing Championship in AP250 class. Further, we are also fast-tracking the development of 2 next-generation riders who will race at the Thailand Talent Cup. We are aiming for our boys to be in the top group and make us proud on the international stage. I wish all our riders and team a very successful 2022 racing season!

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