Ather 450X vs Chetak Electric vs TVS iQube - Latest electric scooters compared

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Ather Energy today launched the 450X performance electric scooter in India. The new model is based on the company’s standard 450 electric scooter and has been priced competitively at INR 99,000*. In this post, we compare its technical specifications and price with those of its direct rivals, the Chetak and the TVS iQube.

Ather 450 Vs Chetak Electric Vs Tvs Iqube Comparis
The Ather 450X boasts the highest peak power output and top speed among the three electric scooters listed in this comparison.

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Check out the specifications of all three models below:

Vehicle Chetak Electric Ather 450X TVS iQube
Engine and Performance
Peak Power 3.8kW/4.08kW (continuous/peak power) 3.3kW/6kW (continuous/peak power) 3kW/4.4kW (continuous/peak power)
Peak Torque 16 Nm 26 Nm 140 Nm
Top Speed 60 km/h 80 km/h 78 km/h
Acceleration (0-40 km/h) NA 3.3 seconds 4.2 seconds
Riding modes Eco and Sport with Intuitive Kickdown mode Eco, Ride and Sport Single Mode
Park Assist Yes Yes Yes
Regenerative Braking Yes Yes Yes
Hardware and Features
Body Type Metal ABS Plastic NA
Lighting Full LED Full LED Full LED
Keyless entry Yes No No
Battery Type Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion
Battery Capacity 3 kWh 2.9 kWh 4.5 kWh
Max Range (Eco Mode) 95 km 85 km 75 km
Battery Rating IP67 IP67 IP67
Fast Charging No Yes No
Charging Time (Standard Charger) 25% - 1 hour

100% - approx. 5 hours

NA 0-100% - 5 hrs
Battery Warranty 3 years / 50,000 km 3 years / unlimited km 3 years / 50,000 km
Removable No No No
Public Charging No Yes (Ather Grid) Yes
Home Charging Complementary Charger Complementary Charger Charging Cable for 5V Socket
Data connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Price Urbane: INR 1 lakh*

Premium: INR 1.15 lakh*

INR 99,000* INR 1,15,000**

Ather 450X

The Ather 450X packs modern styling that is backed by a long list of features and promising performance figures that should attract young buyers. While the Ather 450, which is available in only White, the Ather 450X is available in Grey and Green as well.

Among the most notable features on the Ather 450X, as on the standard model, is its 7-inch, colour-TFT touchscreen that packs a wide range of information such as map navigation and document storage, among others.

The Ather 450X offers better performance and range than the standard model. The peak power output (6 kW vs 5.4 kW), torque figure (26 Nm vs 20.5 Nm) and the battery capacity (2.9 kWh vs 2.7 kWh) are higher than those of the standard Ather 450, although the top speed (80 km/h) is identical on both versions. However, the Ather 450X delivers improved 0-40 km/h acceleration time (3.3 seconds vs 3.9 seconds) and better range (85 km vs 75 km).

This scooter features three riding modes that affect the range of the vehicle. The Eco Mode leads to a range of 85 km range, while the range in the Ride Mode is 70 km. The range in the Warp Mode is not available.

The Ather 450X is also the only scooter in this comparison to boast a fast charging function, which gives it an edge over the rivals. The matte black AtherDot charger, which comes as standard, is a nifty addition to the package.


Bajaj Auto has opted for a retro-style for its reborn, pure electric Chetak. The full metal body enhances the premium look of the vehicle, while a wide range of colours gives more options to the buyer. The Urbane variant is available in two colours – Citrus Rush and Cyber White – and the Premium variant in four shades – Velutto Rosso, Indigo Metallic, Hazelnut and Brooklyn Black.

The Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster packs an LCD screen, which goes well with the retro look of the vehicle, although the setup looks relatively basic when compared to the colour TFT screens of the Ather 450X and the TVS iQube.

The peak power output (4.08 kW) and the torque (16 Nm) figures are the lowest among the three models listed in this technical specification comparison, and so is the top speed of 60 km/h. On the upside, the Chetak Electric boasts the highest range (95 km) in this comparison. 95 km is achieved in the Eco Mode, while the Sport Mode, the range reduces to 85 km. A home charger is available included in the purchase. This scooter does not support fast charging.

TVS iQube

The TVS iQube features unique styling with its sleek lighting setup and sharp lines that are aimed to match a contemporary lifestyle. The dual-tone finish and premium badging give the electric scooter quite an appealing look. Among the three, the TVS iQube looks the most family-oriented scooter. Unlike the Ather 450X and the Chetak Electric, the TVS iQube is available in only one colour – White.

The Bluetooth-enabled colour-TFT display looks stylish and appealing, although it lacks the touchscreen functionality that is seen on the Ather 450X. Therefore, it sits between the relatively basic instrument cluster on the Chetak Electric and the modern display on the Ather 450X.

In terms of performance, the peak power output from the electric motor on the TVS iQube is the second highest (4.4 kW), while the torque figure stands at a colossal 140 Nm. The 0-40 km/h acceleration, however, is almost a second slower (4.2 seconds vs 3.3 seconds) than the Ather 450X. The top-speed (78 km/h vs 80 km/h), too, is marginally lower than the Ather 450X. The TVS iQube lacks riding modes and its maximum range is rated at 75 km.

On the upside, the TVS iQube, similar to the Ather 450X is backed by a charging infrastructure – a service that is not available with the Chetak.

What’s common on all three vehicles?

All three electric scooters listed in this technical specification comparison boast full LED lighting as standard. Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster works with respective smartphone applications to access various information about the electric scooters. A front disc brake is available on all three scooters, although the Ather 450X is the only vehicle in this comparison that comes with a disc brake at the back (as standard). The base version of the Chetak electric scooter uses drum brakes on both wheels.

Ather 450x Front Three Qaurter
The deliveries of the Ather 450X electric scooter (pictured) will start in Q3 of 2020. The Chetak and the TVS iQube are expected to roll out from the showrooms sooner.

Pricing and Availability (as on 28 January 2020)

The TVS iQube is only available in Bengaluru. The Chetak has a relatively wider reach, being available in in Pune and Bengaluru. The Ather 450X has the widest reach among the three electric scooters listed in this comparison. It is available in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi-NCR. The deliveries of the Ather 450X, however, will start from Q3 (July to September) of 2020. The Chetak Electric and the iQube are likely to reach their respective owners sooner.



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