VW Taigun vs. VW T-Cross: Can you spot the differences?

17/02/2020 - 18:35 | ,  ,  ,   | Sagar Parikh

Earlier this month, Volkswagen Group unveiled the 2021 VW Taigun in near-production concept form in India. Regular IAB readers and those familiar with the Volkswagen SUVs sold outside India would be aware that it looks very similar to the VW T-Cross. How similar, exactly? Let’s find out in this VW Taigun vs. VW T-Cross comparison.

Vw Taigun Vs Vw T Cross Front Three Quarters
The 2021 VW Taigun is sort of the fourth version in the VW T-Cross family.

If you recall, IndianAutosBlog.com was the one to break news in September 2018 that the VW T-Cross will be launched in India, and that was before the model was even unveiled officially. Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the BoM with responsibility for Sales, Marketing and After Sales, Volkswagen, had told us that there will be not three but four versions of the VW T-Cross worldwide. Three versions broke cover in October 2018, and the fourth one followed just earlier this month, albeit as a separate model - the 2021 VW Taigun.

The first three versions of the VW T-Cross are intended for sale in different regions. One is primarily meant for Europe, there’s one for sale in Latin America, and then, of course, there’s one for China. The European version has a wheelbase of 2,563 mm, while the Latin American and Chinese versions have a longer (+88 mm) wheelbase of 2,651 mm. The Indian version, or the Indian mechanical cousin 2021 VW Taigun, has an even longer (+108 mm) wheelbase of 2,671 mm.

The 2021 VW Taigun looks the closest to the Chinese-spec VW T-Cross. Both, if you look at their headlamps and the front bumper, have hints of the VW Tiguan. The Indian and Chinese SUVs look nearly identical. As the Indian model was introduced after the start of a new era for Volkswagen in 2019, the one that focuses on electric, fully connected vehicles, it bears the new logo with a flat two-dimensional design.

Vw Taigun Vs Vw T Cross Rear Three Quarters
While the VW T-Cross has a wheelbase of up to 2,651 mm, the 2021 VW Taigun has a wheelbase of up to 2,671 mm.

At the front, the 2021 VW Taigun has some additional crease lines on the bonnet. On the sides, it features shorter turn indicators on the ORVMs, silver trim on the rocker panels and an extended greenhouse to give the rear passengers more view of the outside and a roomier feeling. Apart from the addition of a quarter glass, another difference on the C-pillar is the motif with split squares, a design cue reminiscent of the VW ID.3 electric car that features diamond-shaped ID. Honeycomb foil at the C-pillar.

At the rear, the roof spoiler of the Indian premium B-SUV extends further down to the end of the back glass. The light graphics are just a wee bit different, and the same goes for the full-width chrome garnish strip on the bumper. Also, our model has a full-width reflector strip and instead of two individual reflectors on the sides. The light graphics, reflector and chrome garnish may vary a little on the production version.

Inside, unlike the Chinese-spec VW T-Cross, or any other VW T-Cross for that matter, the 2021 VW Taigun features a new steering wheel similar to that of the VW ID.3. Look closer and you’ll see that the pattern on the passenger side of the dashboard is different too. Also, the Indian SUV has no storage space in the centre of the dashboard. While it could have been an ideal thing here as an idol keeping space, we are in favour of the even more uncluttered appearance.

Vw Taigun Vs Vw T Cross Interior
Unlike the VW T-Cross, the 2021 VW Taigun has design cues borrowed from the VW ID.3 as well.

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Volkswagen will launch the 2021 Taigun in India with 1.0L TSI turbocharged three-cylinder and 1.5L TSI-Evo turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engines in the second half of 2021. The 2021 Taigun will be based on MQB A0 IN, a low-cost version of the T-Cross’ MQB A0 platform. Know more about our premium B-SUV here.

Fun Fact: In China, Shanghai-Volkswagen sells the VW T-Cross and FAW-Volkswagen sells a rebadged version of the same as the VW Tacqua.

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