Hero Lectro E-Cycles Now More Affordable Thanks to Delhi EV Policy

27/06/2022 - 19:00 | Bike news | IAB Team

Hero Lectro, the e-cycles brand of Hero Cycles Ltd., announced the eligibility of five of its variants under the Delhi Government’s EV Policy.

Hero E Cycles Lyfestyle Hl

E-Cycle prices in Delhi will see a significant effective reduction as a direct result of the subsidy and tax exemption announcement by the Delhi State Government, the first State to announce such. This is expected to boost the adoption of e-cycles, a sustainable and green mobility option in the national capital. Cargo e-cycles are also expected to become a preferred choice of green and cost-effective last-mile delivery vehicle for commercial use cases with the policy inclusion.

As a direct benefit of the inclusion of e-cycles in the Delhi EV Policy, eligible Hero Lectro variants (C6, C8i, F6i and C5) will see an effective price reduction of INR 7,500 across models.

Hero E Cycles Lyfestyle Hl 2

The cargo variant, Hero Lectro Cargo Winn, will see an effective price reduction of INR 15,000, making it the most cost-competitive electric commercial vehicle at INR 34,999. With four personal e-cycles and one cargo e-cycle, Hero Lectro currently has the highest number of options eligible for subsidy under the Delhi EV Policy.

Aditya Munjal, Director, Hero Cycles, said, “We wholeheartedly welcome the decision of the Delhi Government to include E-Cycles as a part of its EV Policy in the national capital. The subsidy support will make E-Cycles more affordable and accessible to a larger segment of society. While most of the models that are covered under the subsidy are primarily used for commute, fitness and micro-mobility needs, the price reduction in our cargo e-bike variant will make the Hero Lectro Winn the most cost-competitive, sustainable option in the hyperlocal delivery ecosystem. As a result of this, we expect to see a boost in economic activity and new sources of income being created.”

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