Bajaj Pulsar 180F Discontinued in India?

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The Bajaj Pulsar 180F was launched in India a few years ago. The semi-faired motorcycle became popular for its design that was primarily borrowed from its elder sibling, the Pulsar 220F. Recently, Bajaj Auto launched the 2021 Pulsar 180 in the domestic market after which the Pulsar 180F has been unlisted from the ‘Pulsar’ models on the company’s official website. Does that mean it has been discontinued?

Bajaj Pulsar Model List On Website
The Pulsar 180F has been removed from the list of Pulsar models.

With the launch of the Bajaj Pulsar 180, the two-wheeler giant updated its official website. Since then, there’s no Pulsar 180F mentioned in the list of Pulsar models. This could mean that Bajaj Auto might have pulled the plug on the 180cc semi-faired motorcycle. However, if we check under the ‘Pulsar All Models’ tab on Bajaj Auto’s website, we can find the Pulsar 180F here but the 2021 Pulsar 180 is missing.

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While Bajaj Auto has not released any official information in this regard, it seems that, perhaps, all this confusion is because the website has not been fully updated. Things will get clearer once that’s done. Maybe both the Pulsar 180 and Pulsar 180F would then find their respective spots on the website or maybe the latter would be taken off permanently. So, at this point, it’s unclear whether the Pulsar 180F has been discontinued or not. What do you guys think? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Bajaj Pulsar Models
The Pulsar 180F is mentioned under 'Pulsar All Models' but the newly launched Pulsar 180 isn't.

In other news, Bajaj Auto has released a new Pulsar video which highlights the brand’s global presence. The footage consists of several Pulsar models, including the NS200, RS200, and the Neon Range and professional riders performing various stunts under controlled environments; a typical Pulsar TVC.

Also, Bajaj Auto has announced a new contest for the Avenger owners. It is called the Bajaj Avenger Saddletime Stories which began on 22 Feb 2021 and will continue until 8 Mar 2021.

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