Self-driven 2013 Mercedes S-Class is an air-conditioned massage parlour

15/11/2011 - 12:17 | ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

While most S-Classes in India are driven by chauffeurs who can tackle anything from bumper-to-bumper traffic to miles and miles of motorways, in abroad that’s not case. Internationally many owners prefer to drive their S-Class themselves. So Mercedes invented radar guided cruise control in which the car can drive itself in cruise control without the owner’s intervention.

Radars basically detect traffic in front of the car and match the car’s speed accordingly. The S-Class also features rain sensing wipers, auto headlamps, collision mitigation system and other such technologies which are meant to make your daily commute less arduous.

2013 Mercedes S-Class2013 S-Class, seen testing will be a luxury limousine that very nearly treats the driver as an optional extra

But the S-Class is always perceived as a benchmark  in the flagship sedan segment. Often referred to as a ‘time machine’, the S-Class is a glimpse into what future cars will be all about. To continue the legacy, the 2013 S-Class will feature an autonomous driving system which according to Mercedes engineer Dr. Stefan Schweher “allows the driver to concentrate on other things in traffic”

Autonomous cars are nothing new in the industry. IT bigwigs like Google are testing their own version of autonomous cars that will drive themselves with the help of cameras, radar and satellites. But when a legacy manufacturer like Mercedes enters the fray, you can be sure sparks are going fly!

Among other technologies, the new S-Class will also feature a new airbag system that deploys under the front axle to help further slow the car during emergency braking situations. On the inside a new COMMAND system will let you connect with Facebook and Twitter on the go.

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