This Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer Render Should Become a Reality

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The Yamaha R15 needs no introduction. It has been amongst the highly popular products in its class ever since it was introduced in the Indian market more than a decade ago. Over the years of its existence, the fully-faired sportbike has received two major updates (v2.0 and v3.0) that made it even more desirable. While enthusiasts have been expecting the Japanese company to come up with the Yamaha R15 v4.0, an automotive artist has thought outside the box and digitally imagined a sports-tourer version of the motorcycle.

Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer Render

The Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer rendering has been neatly done. The artist has tweaked the front end of the motorcycle for a more modern and sportier look. Even though the dual headlamp setup has been carried over, the headlamps have been made sleeker. While they do look attractive, we are sceptical about their functionality because the original R15 v3.0’s headlamps weren’t good in the first place.

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The Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer also features a windshield that suits the motorcycle’s character. The artist has also replaced the low-set clip-on handlebars with a single-piece tube-type unit that would offer an upright riding stance. The relaxed ergonomics would enable riders to cover longer distances more comfortably. While the design of the fairing remains more or less the same, we can see that the engine has been left exposed at the bottom, perhaps, for a more overall rugged appearance.

Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer Render Front Half Right

One of the most attractive elements of this Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer is its exhaust. It’s compact and looks quite sporty. Also, its slash-cut design is a head-turner. We expect it to sound better than the exhaust system of the original R15 v3.0. We can see in the pictures that the R15 Sports Tourer has a split-seat arrangement with large grab rails for the pillion which could also come in handy to tie down some luggage. Speaking of, the artist has also added hard case panniers.

In terms of equipment, the Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer is equipped with alloy wheels and wide tyres. The suspension setup includes a monoshock at the rear and a pair of USD forks at the front. Single rotors at both ends handle the braking duties. ABS should be present, too.

Yamaha R15 Sports Tourer Render Rear Half Right

We like the sports-tourer version of the Yamaha R15. Do you? Let us know in the comments below. For more such interesting stories, keep checking

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