India's 1st Japan-India Institute of Manufacturing (JIM) 1st Batch Graduates

29/09/2021 - 13:50 | Yamaha | IAB Team

India Yamaha Motor has announced that the first batch of 27 students has graduated from its technical training Institute, Yamaha Motor NTTF Training Center (YNTC), based in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. YNTC is the first Japan-India Institute of Manufacturing (JIM) in the country and its aim is to train future shop floor leaders with the Japanese style of manufacturing and working methods.

Yntc Graduation Ceremony

YNTC runs a 4-year program in Manufacturing Technology in association with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), an educational foundation aimed at promoting technical education for youth in India. The curriculum provided by YNTC and NTTF is registered under National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM), a government scheme to promote employability through on-the-job practical training for individuals.

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The first batch of YNTC began in 2017 with students aged between 18 to 21 years. Till now, there were a lot of difficulties like the ongoing pandemic situation since 2020, however, 27 students managed to complete the 4-year diploma program. 80% of the curriculum was imparted through hands-on training at Yamaha shop floors while 20% was delivered in a classroom set-up by NTTF. During these four years, students learned practical skills in Japanese-style manufacturing, covering nine main areas: Motorcycle Assembly, Parts Control, Paint, Welding, Casting, Machining (in both aluminium and steel), Quality Control, and Utility Techniques.

Yamaha R15 V4 Colours

Speaking on the occasion, Yukihiko Tada, Director, IYM, said, “It is a proud moment for Yamaha to witness these young talents all set to contribute to the manufacturing industry. YNNTC was set up with a goal to contribute to the Skill India Development program and the success of these students today, further strengthens our mission to create a pool of trained manpower for the manufacturing industry. We will continue to move forward in this direction improving the lives of the youth and support them by enhancing their knowledge and skill in Japanese manufacturing methods and techniques.”

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The focus of the program at YNTC is to target young people residing in rural areas in India with low income but having the potential to learn and enhance their skills.

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