Reva will build world's largest electric car plant in Bangalore

17/07/2009 - 10:16 | ,  ,  ,   | Gaurav Sikri

The largest electric car plant in the world with an annual capacity of 30,000 cars is to be set up in India by Reva Electric Car Company.

The Bangalore based company after investing U.S $6.1 million for the new facility starting in the first quarter of the next year, expects the idea of green energy will gain rapid popularity in India too.

The Reva can accommodate 4 and is powered by a 3 phase AC induction motor which produces quick acceleration. But that's about it.

In India, the Reva costs around Rs 350,000 and in the UK around $12,200, which is cheaper as compared to the rivals in this category. It targets 2,000 cars this year, it did a quarter of that number the previous year.

The model loaded with a lead acid battery can travel upto 80 km in single charge and the the one with a Li-Ion battery pack can travel upto 120km and charges faster.

Reva's direct competitor Bavina cars announced its plans of 25,000 unit annual capacity EV plant in Tamil Nadu last week.

Source - Gas 2.0

Image Courtesy - Jeevan Balwant's Flickr Album

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