New Spyshots - IAB reader spots the Mazda CX-5 again

02/08/2012 - 11:35 | ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

If the first week of July, we brought you a sizzling story on Mazda testing the new CX-5 for India. Our reader Wajid was the first to snap pictures of the black coloured test mule on the NH8 in Gurgaon.

Mazda CX-5 test mule India front grilleMazda CX-5 test mule India front view

Now thanks to another Gurgaon reader Rohit Dagar we have our second set of spyshots of the same Mazda CX-5, which has been thoroughly debadged, testing in that area.

Additionally, there have been sightings of a silver mule, accompanying this one, by our friends at, which eliminate the possibility of the CX-5 being a personal vehicle.

Mazda CX-5 test mule India tail lightMazda CX-5 test mule India rear

Notice how both test mules have been completely debadged to make sure that the identity of automaker is hidden. These new sightings give rise to two distinct possibilities.

First Possibility - Mazda wants to enter India with an SUV

The SUV is the hottest selling product in India. It makes logical sense to enter India with CX-5 to sell a product with decent demand, a good profit margin and also play the role of a status vehicle in the initial phase of operation while a dealership network is being put in place. This was the route Volkswagen India, Renault India and Nissan India took, bringing the big sedans and SUVs before launching the mainstream products.

The CX-5 is slightly bigger than the Renault Duster and will be positioned (if launched) in the 10+ lakh price bracket. It is powered by a 2.2 liter diesel featuring a two state of tunes - 147 bhp and 173 bhp. The engines are mated to a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed AT.

The reason why we consider the entry of Mazda in India is because of some rumors that were sparked in early 2011.

Mazda CX-5 India test mule side profileMazda CX-5 test mule India rear profile

The Indian media had reported that the Japanese automaker was interested in selling cars in India. Mr. Takashi Yamanouchi, President and CEO, Mazda Motor Corporation, had expressed his interest too.

The Japanese wanted to enter with a compact hatchback but clearly things have changed now. The hatchback segment is too crowded for any brand to make its debut in India.

Mazda is already present in India through its commercial vehicles. Although, Mazda has no experience of selling personal vehicles in India, they should be tempted by now to enter the vast ocean that is the passenger car market.

Second Possibility – Mazda CX-5 is here to complete global tests

Many international automakers are testing their global cars in India. The dusty conditions, sub-standard fuel quality, high temperature, high humidity and potholed roads make India an ideal testing grounds for reliability and durability of new products.

The Kia Picanto, European Honda Accord and Renault Modus are testimonies to the same.

We are trying our very best to get some more clarification on this matter. Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

Mazda CX-5 test mule spied by Rohit Dagar

[You can see spyshots of a silver CX-5 test mule on]

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