Spy pictures

Spy images will give you valuable hints of what an upcoming car or bike look like at its launch. Find the newest spy image of the highly-anticipated upcoming cars and motorcycles at IndianAutosBlog.

What is a spy image?

Before getting into the production phase, a car or a motorcycle must undergo various testing and procedure to validate its functions and quality. During the testing phase, the tested vehicles are usually spotted with camouflage. The images of the vehicles that are taken during this period are referred to as spy images.

Why do we need spy images?

Spy images will provide valuable cues of the upcoming model. Even though manufacturers try to cover the exterior and the interior of the tested model as much as possible, there are still some things to take away from the spy shots. With these spy shots, some professional rendering artist can develop a digitally imagined version of the upcoming model. The spy pictures and the rendering images helps the interested audience imagine what the upcoming model will look like. These images also make the wait more exciting and give the models more press coverage. It is also a very effective way to advertise the new model.

Where can you get the latest spy images?

IndianAutosBlog will deliver the latest stories about the upcoming models in both the domestic and international market. We will gather the newest information, reports about these soon-to-be-launched vehicles as well as the latest spy pictures and rendering image. Get informed with the latest car and motorcycle news at IndianAutosBlog.

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