Chinese Copy cars- The newest joining the pack

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The Chinese market is often called 'The Gray Market', simply because of their stunning replicas. Here we have two cars as examples. But hey! These are very good copies of the originals!

China Automobile's Chika vs Tata Nano

The Chika was showcased at the Paris Motor Show, as an attempt to show to the world that China has arrived to the low cost automobile party and to intimidate the Nano. Designed by Li Shi Guang Ming, one of China’s best known car designers, the Chika aims to facilitate personal mobility in crowded cities.

We don't see it as a threat to the Tata Nano, just because its an electric car, but its a cute little thing. Whether the Chika is destined for big things, and whether it will get the same kind of attention from the worldwide automotive press as the Tata Nano did earlier, remains to be seen.

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Geely Panda vs The 2009 Alto

We think the Geely Panda is the result of a Chinese man's world tour. Take a look at this car, you will surely think of the new Alto. Its shaped exactly like the Alto. This car has Italian eyes,a Korean mouth, Japanese Body, Italian name, finally a Chinese mother.

The Headlamps have been lifted straight from the newly launched Alfa MiTo. Body shape - well thats from the new Alto. Rear from Toyota Aygo, Engine and front grille from some Korean car(which we could'nt care about), and named after Fiat Panda. Just look at the interiors, a circular central console- never seen anything like it, looks very funky though. Overall, its a great balanced mixture of good looking small cars.

Great Wall Florid vs Toyota Yaris & Suzuki Swift

Here's the ultimate copy car. We are quite that at first glance, you would have had trouble, in distinguishing cars in the left from those in the right. The pictures in the left are the front and rear views of Great Wall Florid (What a name!!). In the right top, we have the Toyota Yaris below which is the Suzuki Swift. Now its time for criticism!!

Check out the front Grille. The company badge is in the same place, which is ok, but the curve indent below the badge is not. We think, they have just cut a Yaris in half, and have used the front portion.

To distinguish this car from the Yaris, the designers had come up with a brilliant plan. Once again, they cut another car in half, this time a Swift, and have used its read. What a great idea!  No wonder Chinese cars are cheap.

They don't have to spend much hiring designers to designing cars, instead they buy sheets of tracing paper, a scaning machine and a printer, Job done. New car in no time!  There has been no sense of imagination at all, when it comes to the design of this car. Now that's what we call a copy car!

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