Audi Q3 connected mobility concept – Auto China Live

26/04/2016 - 08:05 | ,  ,   | Sagar Parikh

Aims at making urban commute more convenient and quicker.

At Auto China 2016 (2016 Beijing Motor Show), Audi has introduced a new concept car based on the Audi Q3 – the Audi connected mobility concept. The concept car was developed at Audi Research & Development in Beijing in China and aims at making the commute easy in megacities with dense traffic and road restriction.

Audi Q3 connected mobility concept front three quarter at the Auto China 2016

The Audi Q3 connected mobility concept features an electrically powered, 1.05 metre-long multifunctional longboard integrated into its rear bumper. The longboard is made of premium materials like carbon fibre and aluminium, and placed in a way that makes its storage and removal convenient. To ensure that it's ready to be used anytime needed, it's automatically charged while loaded in the car. It's battery provides a range of over 12 km and makes the longboard capable of reaching a top speed of 30 km/h.

The Audi Q3 connected mobility concept's infotainment system is linked to the smartphone calendar of its user. The infotainment system calculates the fastest mobility mix using real-time traffic data, based on the destination and planned arrival time. When the longboard option is quicker to reach the destination than the car, the infotainment system recommends a parking space nearby so that the car can be parked there and the rest of the commute can be done using the longboard. The navigation information synchronizes with the Audi MMI connect App on the longboard user's smartphone that takes the job of providing directions from there.

Audi Q3 connected mobility concept rear quarter at the Auto China 2016

The longboard can be ridden in three modes. In the first mode, scooter, the phone is clipped to the unfolded handlebar to display directions and the speed is adjusted via remote control attached to the right handlebar grip. A backpack can be clipped onto the steering rack. In the second mode, sport, the rider folds down the handlebar and controls the longboard via remote control in his/her hand. In the third mode, the longboard can be used as a transport device for luggage or shopping bags. In this mode, the longboard, connected wirelessly to a smartphone or smartwatch, automatically follows its owner.

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