ARAI showcases a Mahindra Mojo mild-hybrid - Exclusive details inside

21/02/2020 - 10:30 | ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   | Neelanjan Chakraborty

ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) has patented a hybrid technology platform for two-wheelers, both scooters and motorcycles. At the recently concluded Auto Expo 2020, it demonstrated this technology with a Mahindra Mojo mild-hybrid.

Arai Mild Hybrid Mahindra Mojo Front Three Quarter
ARAI's mild-hybrid system is said to offer twice the amount of bottom-end torque.

While the government has been pushing for electric vehicles, the market has seen the industry lobbying against a sudden shift to pure electric vehicles. Instead, several pundits suggest that gradually moving from ICE vehicles to EVs using hybrid vehicles (MHEVs, HEVs and PHEVs) as a bridge is a better move rather than leapfrogging. In fact, that's what other countries with a high rate of adoption for EVs have done.

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Called DVI, ARAI's electrification technology demonstrated with the Mahindra Mojo prototype is essentially a mild-hybrid powertrain, something similar to Maruti Suzuki’s SHVS. A high torque electric motor is linked to the internal combustion engine, both of which can run independently or simultaneously. The switch from electric drive to the internal combustion engine is achieved without any jerks.

ARAI claims that with the help of this technology, it was able to produce twice the amount of bottom-end torque in the test vehicle (in this case, the Mahindra Mojo).

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A source close to the development of this technology has confirmed to that with this technology, ARAI has been able to double the fuel efficiency of the test vehicle (Mahindra Mojo) under standard test conditions.

The Mahindra Mojo mild-hybrid prototype seen here is fitted with regenerative braking, hill start assist, and start-stop technology. A boost mode is also on offer which helps in increasing the acceleration. The bike features launch control as well.

Arai Mild Hybrid Mahindra Mojo Closeup
The Mahindra Mojo mild-hybrid prototype features regenerative braking, launch control and hill start assist.

ARAI is ready to get this system in the market but does not expect it to be a hit amongst OEMs. In fact, it is planning to make a name for this technology in India by offering it as an aftermarket fitment. It can also replicate this technology in three-wheelers.

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