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02/02/2013 - 09:51 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

The Corolla Furia Concept unveiled at Detroit last month is more than just a show car. It was designed to show the route Toyota were taking while designing the next generation Corolla. The current design language has been abandoned, and Japanese are seen mixing bold lines and aggressive design features which is unexpected, but welcome.

2014 Toyota Corolla front render2014 Toyota Corolla rear render

Toyota has not announced that the next generation Corolla will be the Furia with conventional mirrors and windscreen wipers. "It is an option that the next generation Corolla can follow" Bill Fay, vice president of Toyota in the United States, told Auto Esporte, a Brazilian motoring monthly.

The Furia's design is accentuated by narrow headlights, a fluid form, well defined fenders and a hood shorter than the one seen in the current generation. The rear fascia is sporty, arrow-shaped LED lights and a chrome tipped exhaust combine well with a carbon fiber garnish.

The Corolla is in its advanced stage of development. Auto Esporte expects to see the new Corolla in their market in March 2014 sporting some differences to the model sold in the the U.S. We may see Toyota launch a two-faced Corolla, with a plushier, rear-seat centric version for emerging markets and a sporty, pointy and aggressive model for North America. The former should launch in India after it is deployed in Brazil.

The transformation in the design comes after Toyota has observed a loss of brand appeal with the younger crowd - the Koreans have quietly slipped away with this segment with frequent new designs and launches.

Talking about specifications, the new Corolla's wheelbase appears to be slightly longer than the current one, which suggests increased interior space, especially for those traveling at the rear. Inside, the dashboard and steering wheel would be shared with the Toyota Auris hatchback with chrome accents and contrasting inserts.
The new Corolla will rely on 1.8L and 2.0L petrol engines, both with dual variable valve timing - probably with some increase in power and torque compared to the current motors. These will be paired to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota have a larger diesel engine at their disposal in overseas markets, we are certain that an engine larger than the current one is under consideration for India as this segment has changed dramatically since the time Toyota launched the new Corolla.


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