Mercedes to shift more emotion into the 2014 C Class

20/11/2012 - 15:33 | ,  ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

We have been tracking the 2015 Mercedes C Class like the way we track all our German toys developing in the wombs of manufacturers.

2014 Mercedes C Class front2014 Mercedes C Class rear gets us some more juicy details of the upcoming C Class in a latest posting.

  • The 2014 Mercedes C Class will be an all new model and not facelift. It will be based on the new MRA (Mercedes RWD Architecture).
  • To differentiate the new Mercedes C Class from the upcoming Mercedes CLA, the Stuttgart automaker plans to increase the length by 10 cm. The wheelbase increases by 8 cm and the whole car will be wider by 4 cm.
  • It will come with a completely new floor pan as well as a sophisticated axle design.
  • The styling will be influenced by Concept Style Coupe with the design hints coming from the Mercedes A Class and B Class.
  • It will feature LED technology in both headlamps and tail lamps.
  • A host of new technologies will find their way into the new C Class. These would include –
  1. New radar-guided cruise control
  2. Automatic Lane change Assist
  3. Automatic braking
  4. A new touchpad to control the COMMAND functions
  • Mercedes is working aggressively on reducing the overall weight of the car to increase performance and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Thanks to the alliance with Renault, the Mercedes C Class will benefit from Renault diesel engines and new petrol engines developed in collaboration with the French automaker.
  • There will also be a hybrid version with a 30 km pure electric range.

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