2010 Audi A8- IAB Special Report

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'German Luxury Car Trio' Audi, BMW & Mercedes, are ready to unleash Blitzkreig with each other's 'Dictators Cars' (High-end luxury cars).

BMW has already revealed its 2009 7- Series and Mercedes is slowly but steadily bringing its 2010 S-Class close to completion. Not surprisingly, Audi is also at work designing and testing its flagship A8 luxury sedan set to be released in 2010. The designers of the A8 in a new 'avatar' are expected by Audi to keep the looks fresh in the market to compete its rival counterparts - Mercedes-Benz S class and BMW 7 series.

The Audi A8 model sold today had been launched way back in 2003. Since then, no major changes have been made, so the four ringed carmaker wants to keep the best of the line A8 in Vogue.

An Audi A8 test mule had already been spotted taking cold weather tests, with varied engine configurations. The test mule of the next-generation model included extended fender flares and a stretched wheelbase with wider track.


Externally, the Audi trademark large single-frame grille, LED daytime running lights and a coupe-like profile will be seen in the all new A8 aswell. The 'Skin' of the car,i.e. the body is expected to see more exotic materials such as aluminum and magnesium employed to help save further weight and improve dynamics.

Will be the first of a new styling language at Audi

"The first generation was very dogmatic and product-design-like. With the second generation, the theme was 'elegance' softer, flowing lines. The upcoming third generation will be stronger, sharper, and more precise." explains Audi's Chief Designer, Stefan Sielaff.

Weight Reduction:

The weight-saving aluminum spaceframe body will remain, due to which the car's final kerb weight is expected to range from between 1,650kg and 1,900kg (which is spectacularly good for a big engined huge car like the A8). Less weight also brings into picture - improved fuel efficiency, better performance and improved driveability.


A8 AWD variants to feature Quattro

The base model will remain Front wheel drive but AWD variants will feature the latest quattro torque vectoring SportDifferential, which distributes drive individually between each axle and between the rear wheels for improved traction and stability. There will also be electronic control for the air-suspension, steering, pedal response and transmission systems.

Engine Options:

There will be a wide range for engine options which will feature

  • 250Bhp 3.0L V6 TDI
  • 290Bhp 3.0L V6 FSI
  • 340Bhp 4.2L V8 TDI
  • 372Bhp 4.2L V8 FSI
  • 620Bhp 5.0L V10 FSI but its reserved for the Audi S8
  • Possibly, Audi’s new 6.0L V12 TDI might also be offered.

There will also be more supercharged units as well as increased application of Audi’s latest valve-lift system.

IAB Comment: All Audis have so far been modeled on the A4. The Audi A6 has been a stretched version of the A4, and the A8 is a stretched version of the A6. Audi, now looking forward to completely rewriting its styling ideology is a brave step forward.

Image Courtesy: LeftLaneNews

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