7 useful official accessories launched for the Yamaha FZ V3.0

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The latest generation Yamaha FZ and FZ-S V3.0 could be further customized with the use of optional extras that the two-wheeler brand has introduced for the motorcycles. Yamaha India has announced a total of seven optional accessories of the Yamaha FZ V3.0 that range from tank pad to seat covers that are aimed to enhance the visuals and safety of the new FZ series. All the accessories can be purchased at a Yamaha dealership. Let's have a look at Yamaha Fz accessories with Indianautosblog.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Tank Pad
The optional accessories are aimed to offer better visuals and protection to the Yamaha FZ V3.0 range.

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Tank pad

Price: INR 175

The first in the list of Yamaha Fz accessories is the tank pad aiming to protect the paint of the motorcycle from scratching against belt buckle or your jacket’s zip. The three-piece tank pad features a Yamaha logo and blends with the fuel tank design while adding a sportier look to the motorcycle.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Skid Plate
The skid plate protects the crucial parts and the underbody from getting scratched or damaged by speedbumps.

Skid plate

Price: INR 300

The skid plate is designed to protect the crucial parts and the underbody from getting scratched or damaged by speedbumps. The skid plate is bolted right under the centre-stand in such a way that it protects the underbody without disrupting the function of the stand. Yamaha claims that the unit is lightweight and durable protection for the motorcycle.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Footrest
The traditional footrest is for the pillion riders who sit with both their legs on the left side.

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Rear footrest

Price: INR 400

Apart from the standard pillion footrest, Yamaha offers an optional accessory for the FZ that gives the passenger a flatter and broader surface to keep their feet on. The footrest is designed for pillion riders who prefer to sit with both their legs on one side of the motorcycle.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Usb
The USB charging port allows the rider/pillion to charge a mobile device on the go.


Price: INR 750

Also being in the top 7 Yamaha Fz accessories, the optional USB charger would help you juice up your devices like a smartphone during the ride. The charger is placed at a convenient location for easier access. The charging port also features a rubber cover to stop water from seeping inside.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Graphic Set
The graphics set is recommended for FZ-Fi Racing Blue colour.

Graphic Set

Price: INR 800

The graphics set adds decals on the fuel tank and its extensions, side panel and rear panel and, as listed on Yamaha’s website, is recommended for FZ-Fi Racing Blue colour.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Engine Guard
The crash guard has a coating for rust protection and longer life.

Crash guard

Price: INR 800

The crash guard is designed to protect the engine in case of a fall and save the rider’s leg from being caught between the motorcycle and the ground. Yamaha has coated the unit with rust protection for better longevity of the guard’s looks.

Yamaha Fz Accessories Seat Cover
The accessories have been designed by Yamaha and offered at affordable prices to attract more attention from FZ series buyers.

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Seat cover

Price: INR 300

The last Fz accessory to close the list is the seat cover, as the name suggests, protects the saddle of the motorcycle against various elements like water and sunrays. The cover is designed to improve the life of the bike’s seat while retaining the style quotient of the FZ series.

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