Spied - Tata Nano CNG emax spotted in Pune, launching soon

10/07/2013 - 13:39 | Tata Nano | Anjan Ravi

The Tata Nano emax CNG was unveiled at the company's Horizonext 2013, which saw a slew of model updates and refreshes.

2013 Tata Nano CNG emax spied

The Nano emax is scheduled to go on sale in the next 70 days, along with the Indigo eCS emax and the Indica eV2 emax CNG models.

The Nano CNG that you see in the spy shot has a 'CNG' logo and there seems to be no 'emax' logo on it. Strange considering that the Nano unveiled at the Horizonext had an 'emax' logo.

2013 Tata Nano CNG emax spied rear
Where has the 'emax' badge gone?

Inside the car, the speedometer of the has a green colored outline to it, signaling the Nano CNG's low emissions and high fuel efficiency. You also get a button to toggle between the CNG and petrol driving modes.

Get all the details of the Tata Nano emax CNG here

Tata says that the sequential gas injection system has been calibrated for smartly switching between the two driving modes. An automatic CNG cut-off system and fuel quality checking system has also been incorporated.

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG logo
Nano shown at Horizonext had 'emax' badge at the rear.

The Nano emax comes with a 32-liter tank for storing the CNG and has an ARAI certified efficiency of 36km/kg. It promises a CO2 emission of only 75g/km making it one of India's cleanest cars.

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG tank location
The CNG tank is located right beneath the driver seat.

After working out the price of CNG in Delhi, we figure that the Nano emax would cost you only Rs 1.11/km when driven purely on CNG mode.

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG dashboard
Speedometer has a green colored surround to it.

Tata will be offering a 4-year/60,000km warranty on the Nano CNG emax.

[Spy images from Anything on Wheels]

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