[Specification Sheet and Image Gallery Updated] Tata Nano emax CNG announced, promises to transport you at Rs 1.11 per km

Posted on: Jun 19, 2013 - 3:46pm IST

The 2013 Tata Nano emax is the CNG powered version of the Nano. We’ve long been expecting the Nano CNG and we finally get to see it today.

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG

General Note for the 2013 Model Year Tata cars and Pointers from the Press Conference

Tata tell us that all the MY 2013 products have been improved upon after taking into account feedback from the dealer and customer level. About 500 Tata employees met with the dealers and the customers before the start of the MY 2013 program. In general, Tata say that the overall reliability and performance of the cars have been improved.

Mr. Karl Slym, MD of Tata Motors, told the media that Tata Motors had planned products for the Indian market until the year 2020. He also said that Tata would be playing in future segments. In Sanand, Tata will be making another vehicle apart from the Nano. Mr. Slym did not reveal the vehicle though.

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG side

He also said that 150 new generation dealerships would be opened by this year. These flagship dealerships would have a new and different type of customer experience. Not to mention, there would be 11 new service programs in the coming weeks.

Tata Nano EMAX

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG dashboard
Check out the Green outline to the speedometer.

The CNG powered cars from Tata Motors have the ’emax’ suffix to them. Apart from the Nano, Tata also launched the 2013 Indigo eCS and the 2013 Indica eV2 in CNG avatars.

The rear of the car sees the ’emax’ logo. This is the only giveaway. While the display car had some body graphics on the side, we don’t if Tata would feature that on the production variant.

2013 Tata Nano emax CNG toggle button

Inside, you get a button to switch ON and OFF the CNG. This is not the only change. If you notice carefully, the speedometer of the EMAX Nano has a green surround to it. This is not so in the normal Nano.

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5 thoughts on “[Specification Sheet and Image Gallery Updated] Tata Nano emax CNG announced, promises to transport you at Rs 1.11 per km

  1. Nitin says:

    Can anyone tell me when we get tata nano emax. Even tata customer care don’t know anything about what is emax.


    Myself & all The citizens of INDIA always expect these types of upgraded launching from The TATA MOTORS, as people love TATA and his innovation since 1907 ( Jamshetjee Nasherwanjee TATA,who is the Founder of STEEL)


  3. Ayyappan says:

    The CNG version would prop up sales of the Nano for sure. I liked the 2013 version and it looks unique and comes off as a premium show off vehicle in its segment.

    On a different note, thanks IAB for the exhaustive coverage on the Tata MY 2013 products. Good work.

  4. prashant says:

    Thanks Mr. Ratan Tata for introducing this market.. you are a true legend & visionary.. I am looking forward to launch this in market.. I will be the first to book this..

    Hats off to Tata Motors for their innovation… People see the same Maruti swift & still acknowledge but the real innovation has been done is Tata Motors…

  5. sandy says:

    This Nano eMax looks and sounds more matured. By the way the fourth image i.e. the seat, I see two rectangular like switches. Does it has any application or is it the battery cover?


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