Spied - Ford Figo test mule with different tail lamp

15/06/2010 - 09:21 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Ford Figo test muleFord Figo test mule

The only thing I'd be interested to photograph running with stripes on a Tuesday morning is a Bengal Tiger.

So I thought as a Ford Figo test mule was overtaking me on the GST road. As it passed by me, I thought I don't have to bother, it could be a data-logging run early in the morning. I'm almost sure that Ford isn't bringing the 1.6-liter Figo to the market and they don't have any other diesel engines in their kitty for this vehicle in the near future.

As it passed by me, I noticed something weird. The rear tail lamps looked akward. A Dumbbell shaped clear patch of plastic was present on them instead of the production version's quadrilateral indicator pod.

We compared the defunct Ford Fusion's stop lamp with the Figo's and understood they were different. So the customers suggesting the rear of the Figo is similar to the phased out Fiesta prompting Ford to take corrective measure is ruled out as a possibility.

Vendors are usually requested several designs of components and perhaps the stop lamp on the Figo mule was an early prototype from the tail light supplier? Or is Ford changing the stop lamp's design for unknown reasons?

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