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Dacia City car2012 Dacia City

We told you earlier about a new small car from Dacia is in the works. The car as we told you is referred to as the Dacia City, which won't be its final name.

It will be the cheapest Dacia (unless the Bajaj-Renault ULC is badged a Dacia) and as the name suggests it will be a city car. It is based on a platform similar to the Logan/Sandero and will be 3.5-3.6 meters in length. It will be a 5 door car and will use lots of bits from other Dacia’s to keep the costs as low as possible.

To further keep the costs down the car will be confined to a petrol motor. A 1.2 liter 16 Valve 75 BHP unit. There is a possibility of the 1.5 dci (70 BHP) also coming in at a later stage. Both these engines will be used on Renault and Nissan's vehicles here in India.

The car will not be very stylish as such but will carry a family look with the front looking similar to the Sandero. But what is even more interesting is the price tag. According to reports it will be priced between 5000-6000 euros. This means we are looking at an under 4 lakh rupee price tag if at all this comes to India.

Renault has aggressive plans for India and this Dacia will not be A bad option. A good value for money hatch is what a company must have to succeed in our market. The Renault V-Platform hatchback is on track for India and will be priced above 4 lakh. This Dacia could sit very well below it. And then we also have the the Bajaj-Renault ULC that will be priced under and just above 2 lakh.

Stick around to IAB for more on this baby Dacia.

Source - Auto International

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