Renault to present a new concept car at Triennale of Milan

20/03/2013 - 10:31 | Renault | Kaustubh Shinde

Car Design – it stimulates the most primeval part of the brain. Automakers are constantly inventing and reinventing car designs because it is the simplest way to communicate that the product is new. You can re-skin a car (basically same platform and same mechanicals but a new design) and shoot its sales numbers through the sky.

Renault LoveGrove ConceptRenault LoveGrove Concept

The French and the Italians are always at the forefront of car design. In the past, we have seen some crazy car designs from these two European nations. Renault, a French automaker, wants to introduce some zing in their future cars.

Renault LoveGrove ConceptRenault LoveGrove Concept

So they have tied up with famous industrial designer Ross Lovegrove to present a concept car at the Triennale of Milan event on April 8, 2013. We have some interesting visuals which are part of the teaser campaign prior to the unveil.

According to the press statement, Renault wants to collaborate with Lovegrove Studio “to examine nature, its systems and energy transactions. This project intends to bring awareness and understanding of those phenomena and their current impact”. Frankly speaking we have absolutely no idea what that means, but it sure sounds very interesting!

All the images have an underlying blue tint which is basically hinting at the communication color of the Alpine brand. Perhaps, the design concept will give us some direction on the speculated revival of Renault’s sporty brand?

Stay tuned as we try to get you more details.

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