Okinawa Electric Scooters Get Cheaper, Prices Slashed by up to INR 17.8K

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EV-maker Okinawa Autotech has reduced the prices of its entire range of electric scooters after the recent amendments in FAME II policy announced by the Indian Govt. To encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the country, the company is extending full subsidy benefits of INR 15,000 per kWh to its customers. Depending on the model, Okinawa electric scooters have now become INR 7.2K to INR 17.8K cheaper.

Okinawa Ipraise Ecoapp

Speaking in this regard, Mr Jeetender Sharma, Managing Director & Founder, Okinawa Autotech, says:

We are excited and thrilled to provide users with the most innovative electric scooters at even more affordable prices now. Lowering the prices of electric scooters in the country will serve as a stepping stone and help persuade more riders to switch from a combustion-engined model to an electric one. We thank the government of India for taking this crucial step.

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Following is a detailed price table that lists each Okinawa electric scooter with its previous and new prices.

Model Old Price New Price Price Reduction
iPraise + INR 1,17,600 INR 99,708 INR 17,892
Praise Pro INR 84,795 INR 76,848 INR 7.947
Ridge + INR 69,000 INR 61,791 INR 7,209

Okinawa Praise Pro Left

As we can see in the table above, the Okinawa iPraise + has received the highest price reduction of INR 17,892. It is the brand’s flagship product. On the other hand, it’s the Ridge + that sees the smallest price drop of INR 7,209. In the middle is the Praise Pro with a price cut of INR 7,947.

All Okinawa electric scooters are powered by detachable lithium-ion batteries. Users can take out the battery and charge it using any normal plug point. It is as easy as charging a mobile phone. Moreover, it takes only about 45 - 60 minutes to charge 80% of the battery and 2 to 3 hours to charge a battery fully.

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