IAB Debunks: Royal Enfield doesn't plan to launch 14 new bikes

05/05/2020 - 17:43 | ,  ,   | Utkarsh

Rumours about Royal Enfield planning to launch 14 new bikes have spread like wildfire on the internet. This has certainly caused a stir in the motorcycle industry not just here in India but even overseas. However, these are nothing but deceptively generated fake news, because the company has not even remotely hinted anything of that sort, let alone formally announce.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Design
Receiving proposals for new products is a common thing across industries.

To have the sales figures always crunching and survive in our really competitive two-wheeler market, Royal Enfield has to think out of the box and come up with new and better products. However, to say that it has approved 14 new products altogether is, for a fact, wrong. IndianAutosBlog.com has learnt that it is nothing but a false rumour.

Last year, a total of 14 new Royal Enfield products were proposed for launch. Receiving proposals for new products is a common thing across industries, and that doesn't mean that each and every product submitted for approval would be given the green signal. At times, it can even happen that not a single project is feasible for commercialisation.

Royal Enfield follows an extensive product development process. Filtrations are carried out in every stage and eventually, the best proposals receive the green flag for production. Receiving proposals for 14 models was just an interesting detail about product planning and development shared by Simon Warburton, the company's Head of Product Development. It was probably to emphasise the fact that the company has a lot of potential products it can work on, as and when the market demands, depending on what's feasible and what's not.

Royal Enfield Production Line
To develop a brand-new Royal Enfield motorcycle from scratch with a new engine, it takes more than EUR 10 million (INR 82.75 crore).

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Developing a new motorcycle requires a considerable amount of time and a substantial sum of money. Although every project or motorcycle takes different time for completion, just to give you an idea, to develop a brand-new Royal Enfield motorcycle with a new engine, it can take up to four years and an investment of more than EUR 10 million which converts to INR 82.75 crore.

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