Spied - More images of the new Accent/Verna (Code:RB)

17/11/2009 - 07:37 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Verna_Accent_2011_RB_Hyundai - 1Verna_Accent_2011_RB_Hyundai - 2

We have already published images of the next generation Verna, which is going to be completely overhauled to transform into a baby Sonata YF.

The current generation Verna has been selling since 2005, and in India, Hyundai continues to sell the original Accent.

The car you see here which will borrow design cues of Sonata and Genesis, is codenamed RB -- according to reports it will share vital parts with the i20 hatchback. There are also rumors that the RB will be built in India in the future, but the company's been silent on this matter.

The RB will use four cylinder petrols and diesels. Apart from the regular run of engines, a direct-injection 1,600 cc engine is also said to be a potential powerplant. This engine will produce 140hp and return 40mpg.

A hybrid variant will also share space with the aforementioned models, but at a later stage.

Image Credit - Quattro_RS4

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