Next gen Chevrolet AVEO caught testing

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The Chevy Aveo faced problems and never really took off. All it had was great looks which unfortunately couldn't pull in many buyers. The technical bit was where it suffered, it had a rubbery gearbox, poor performance and most of all, the healthy competition. All its competitors are technically better and are more exciting to drive especially the Fiesta and SX4. Moreover, GM, if you are listening, sympathetically make sure that your dashboard dimension doesn't intrude into the pedal area of the driver. In addition, tone down its color as the existing one echoes light on to the inside of the windshield, occasionally obstructing the view through it. It sucks, you know?

Clearly, we can see that the looks are a carry-over, as the present Aveo is a good looking car and some minor changes will keep it fresh for some more years to come. Not much is known about its debut but we expect it to come soon after the all new Aveo UV-A hatchback is launched. The engines are expected to remain the current crop with 1.4 and 1.6 petrols and the star will be the 1.3 Multijet from Fiat.

Spy pics courtest : Jalopnik

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