New Yamaha FZ-X - Is it Faster than Yamaha FZS-FI? [Video]

30/06/2021 - 12:45 | ,  ,  ,   | Utkarsh

The new Yamaha FZ-X has been recently launched in India. It shares several parts and components with other bikes such as the Yamaha FZS-FI and FZ-FI, which are already on sale in the market for quite some time now. Since these motorcycles are very similar to each other, at least in terms of hardware and engine, it’d be interesting to see which one is faster.

The primary differences between the Yamaha FZS-FI and FZ-FI are limited to cosmetics and for the top-end drag race, we have the former to compete with the newly launched Yamaha FZ-X. The riders in the video make two attempts. In the first one, the FZ-X is quicker off the mark and takes the lead. However, it couldn’t hold its position for too long as the FZS-FI catches up quickly and overtakes it. The FZ-X rider tries to use slipstream to cover up the gap and regain his position, however, the motorcycle just doesn’t have the performance. The FZS-FI rider continues to pull away and eventually wins the race.

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Bs6 Yamaha Fzs Fi Front Three Quarter

For the second drag race attempt, the riders switch motorcycles. In this case, too, the Yamaha FZ-X gets a good start and takes the lead of the race. It stays ahead for a longer period but the Yamaha FZS-FI eventually catches up and becomes the new race leader. The FZ-X rider pushes the motorcycle to its limits and even comes closer to the FZS-FI but he couldn’t overtake. Hence, the FZS-FI comes out to be the winner once again.

Yamaha Fz X Matt Copper Front Right

For reference, the Yamaha FZ-X and FZS-FI are powered by the same 149cc single-cylinder engine with 2 valves and a SOHC setup. It pumps out 12.4 PS of max power at 7250 rpm. As for the torque, the FZ-X has 13.3 Nm whereas the FZS-FI has 13.6 Nm. Both bikes have the same 5-speed gearbox, too. It’s to be noted that the new FZ-X weighs 139 kg. The FZS-FI, on the other hand, tips the scale at 137 kg.

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