New Royal Enfield Classic 350 Aftermarket Exhaust Note Better than Stock?

06/09/2021 - 09:45 | ,  ,   | Utkarsh

We have come across a video in which there is a new Royal Enfield Classic 350 that has been fitted with an aftermarket exhaust. Let’s find out whether this particular silencer produces a better sound than the stock one or not.

The new Royal Enfield Classic 350 that we can see in the video is the Signals edition featuring the attractive Marsh Grey colour option in which the motorcycle comes with a blacked-out engine and exhaust. Hence, to match this blacked-out look, the stock silencer of the motorcycle has been replaced by an aftermarket unit that is also finished in black.

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The footage lets us hear the stock exhaust note of the new Royal Enfield Classic 350. We find it to be pretty sweet with the right amount of “thump” that suits the old-school character of the motorcycle. The sound feels properly tuned and much more refined. Then the stock silencer is removed and the motorcycle is fired up in this condition as well. Obviously, with no end can, the exhaust note is too loud and irritating.

New Royal Enfield Classic350 Redditch Grey Right S

Finally, the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 aftermarket exhaust is fitted. In terms of aesthetics, the silencer matches the colour combination of the motorcycle and suits the overall looks. Now, coming to the sound, it definitely feels louder than the stock. There is a more prominent “thump” to it but with a hollow effect. We think that It might sound different and interesting at first but with continuous usage and on long rides, it could get irritating. The stock exhaust note, on the other hand, wouldn’t.

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So that was an aftermarket vs stock exhaust note comparison of the new Royal Enfield Classic 350. What are your opinions about the two silencers? Let us know in the comments.

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