New Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Jawa - Specs Comparison

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One of the highly awaited motorcycles of the year, the new Royal Enfield Classic 350, has finally been launched making the other products in the segment smile nervously. One of the main rivals of this motorcycle is the Jawa. Since the new RE uses the 349cc engine from the Meteor 350, we thought it would be fair to do a new Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Jawa specs comparison.

Classic 350 Vs Jawa Specs

New Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Jawa - Engine Specs

The new Classic 350’s engine is capable of delivering 20.2 BHP and 27 Nm. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The key highlights of this engine are the advanced SOHC and balancer shaft for smooth operation and reduced vibration. On the other hand, the Jawa uses a 293cc single-cylinder engine that puts out 27.33 PS and 27.02 Nm. The motor feels quite refined and smooth and also offers a good exhaust note.

Classic 350 Vs Jawa Engine

New Classic 350 Jawa
Aspect Specification
Type Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-oil-cooled Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled
Displacement 349cc 293cc
Max Power 20.2 PS 27.33 PS
Max Torque 27 Nm 27.02 Nm
Gearbox 5-speed 6-speed

New Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Jawa - Dimensions

The new Classic 350 has a wheelbase of 1390mm and a seat height of 805mm. It tips the scale at 195 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 13L. In comparison, the Jawa has a 14L fuel tank and weighs 172kg. Its wheelbase and seat height measure 1369mm and 765mm respectively.

Classic 350 Vs Jawa Top View

New Classic 350 Jawa
Aspect Measurement
Wheelbase 1390mm 1369mm
Seat Height 805mm 765mm
Kerb Weight 195kg 172kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 13L 14L

New Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Jawa - Brakes & Tyres

The new Classic 350 is available with both alloy and wire-spoke wheels. The front tyre size is 100/90-19 whereas the rear tyre size is 120/80-18. The Jawa, on the other hand, comes with wire-spoke wheels only. Its front tyre measures 90/90-18 and the rear tyre is 120/80-17 in size.

Classic 350 Vs Jawa Rear Suspension

As for the brakes, the new Classic 350 has a 300 mm rotor up-front and a 270 mm disc at the back. Depending on the variant of the motorcycle, you will get either a single-channel or a dual-channel ABS. With the Jawa, you will get a 280mm front rotor and a 153mm rear rotor. It is also available with both single- and dual-channel ABS.

The new Royal Enfield Classic 350 price starts at INR 1.84 lakh. The Jawa is available at a starting price of INR 1.77 lakh.

All prices are ex-showroom

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