New Audi Charging Service: Unrestricted Mobility in 27 European Countries

29/11/2022 - 17:50 | Audi,   | IAB Team

Three requirements must be met for electromobility to succeed: high range, the ability to recharge high-voltage batteries quickly, and uncomplicated access to a dense network of charging points.

Audi Charging Service Europe

The new Audi charging service ensures drivers of the brand with the four rings can charge conveniently and reliably almost anywhere in Europe.

The Audi charging service will start on January 1, 2023, in 27 countries, including Germany, and will expand over the course of the year. It will offer access to approx. 400,000 charging points, operated by more than 800 CPOs (charge point operators) including roughly 1,900 high-performance chargers (HPC) from the provider IONITY allowing for fast charging with up to 350 kilowatts of power along major traffic routes.

To make its new charging offering possible, Audi is cooperating with Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH and their Elli brand. The Audi e-tron Charging Service, which was launched four years ago after the introduction of Audi’s first fully electric model, will be replaced and new customers or drivers of current Audi models will switch to the new service with a choice of three dynamic tariffs.

Audi Charging Service Europe 2

Audi will pay the base fee for the pro tariff for the first year

The pro tariff is aimed primarily at EV drivers who frequently have to charge on the road. In Germany, the monthly base fee is €14.99, but drivers are offered a price of 45 cents per kilowatt hour at alternating current charging stations (AC). Recharging the vehicle’s high-voltage battery at IONITY quick-charging stations is even more attractive compared to the standard prices at fast-charging stations, with the pro tariff; currently high-power charging cost only 35 cents per kilowatt hour.

Anyone who buys a new fully electric Audi will be able to charge at competitive rates from day one – Audi will take care of the base fee for the pro tariff for the first year. However, even when including the base fee, the monthly charge is amortized after only 35 kilowatt hours a month, unlike the two other tariffs. This is equivalent to one average charge at one of the IONITY chargers.

Audi Charging Service Europe 1

For drivers who only need to charge on the road occasionally, the plus tariff is available, with a monthly base fee of €7.99. This option offers economical prices at AC and DC charging stations with a minimum charge of only 48 kilowatt hours required at a DC charging station per month. The basic tariff has no base fee – kilowatt prices are higher but for this, the tariff provides full access to the Europe-wide charging network and, like the other tariffs, provides all the comfort functions associated with Audi charging. The basic tariff is suited to home chargers who occasionally need an uncomplicated charging solution on the road, without fixed monthly obligations.

The table at the end of this MediaInfo provides a precise overview of the individual tariffs in Germany. When charging abroad, the respective country-specific defined prices apply – this gives drivers of electric vehicles full transparency about the charging costs they can expect even before they travel outside Germany.

Convenient contract management and billing

The comfort functions include integration of the charging points, connected to Audi charging in the vehicle navigation’s charge planning, both in the MMI (Multi Media Interface) and in the app, which can be used to send a pre-planned route to the car. Additionally, via the RFID card (radio-frequency identification) provided or with the myAudi app, the charging stations can be activated, and the charging process started.

Whilst the “Plug & Charge” functionality, which is currently already available at IONITY and Aral Pulse charging stations, is expected to be offered at more providers. Drivers only need to insert the charging cable after activating once in the vehicle and the charging station and car communicate via an encrypted connection. The charging process starts automatically, and billing is done via a means of payment that has been saved in the myAudi app, such as a credit card. “Plug & Charge” will be available in the new Audi charging network shortly after the market launch.

Additionally, customer benefits in the myAudi App will be improved. For example, in the future, car owners will be able to manage the complete Audi contract and book in another tariff with just a few clicks. The app also indicates the prices of the selected charging station and clearly summarizes almost all charging processes. Audi charging is exclusively for Audi customers who drive a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

Designed to fit your driving profile: the three Audi charging tariffs

Audi Charging Tariff

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