MG Hector Plus To Launch Soon, Here Are All The Reasons To Get Yourself Three Rows Of Seats

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It wasn’t long ago that travelling with a family of 6 or 7 was done out of necessity, and could only be managed by squeezing three in the front bench and up to four in the rear. As time passed, with cars getting more compacts and lack of three-row comfortable people carriers, the concept of family travel slowly started to dissipate. Yes, there were options like the Mahindra Bolero and Tata Sumo available but these were basic modes of travel and best suited for life in rural areas.

Mg Hector Plus Action Shot
The MG Hector Plus has the looks of an SUV but provides the practicality of an MPV.

However, as premium three-row MPVs and SUVs start getting more popular, families have to rely on one vehicle to get all the jobs done. While the Toyota Innova Crysta has been around for a while, the market will now also witness the entry of a new player in the market - the MG Hector Plus. So as families get larger, friend circles become wider and the demand for multi-purpose vehicles never been greater, we thought we’d take a look at why three rows of seats can be beneficial for many families around the country. If you have a large family or the need for travel with a host of people onboard, these few points may help you make your decision about buying a premium vehicle with three rows of seats.

Three Row Seats People Carrier

People Carrier

Yes, we’ve mentioned the road trips with friends and family and yes, we’ve mentioned the need for essential travel with family. These are needs which people around the world have as well. However, one unique problem we have in India is festivals. We have a lot of them. They even have one thing in common - family gatherings. So without having to take two vehicles to one destination or having to re-do your journey over and over again to pick up leftover members, a large vehicle with three rows of seats.

Three Row Seats Kid Insurance

Kid Insurance

Even without having kids of your own, you know how annoying kids can be on journeys. They like to touch everything and they like to press every single button, asking, “yeh kya karta hai?” However, we also know you can’t live without them and can’t travel without them. So, if you were to travel in a vehicle with three rows of seats, all of this could be avoided. The kids can be kept to the last row of seats, cocooned in their own world and with a protective barrier to shield all their wrongdoings i.e the second row of seats.

Three Row Seats Pet Partner

Pet Partner

For anyone who loves their furry friends more than anything, you all will understand why travel without them doesn’t seem complete. You miss them and they miss you. However, with friends and family to lug along too, travelling in the boot can be very dangerous for them. They’ll get thrown around at every stop, turn and acceleration; while you have a constant fear of someone rear-ending your vehicle. However, with a third row, we feel you can rest easy.  Your pooches can be belted up using a harness and car leash, you can even have their belonging kept next to them. Win-win.

Three Row Seats Extra Space


This coincides with our first point but we felt it deserved a shoutout of its own. This can be beneficial to not just you but also the people you ferry. Rather than having to take multiple vehicles to office, road trips, family vacations or family gather; you can take just one. Not only can everybody get to the destination together, but also be a heap more comfortable.

Three Row Seats Luggage Space

How much is too much?

While some might argue that extra boot space is wasted space and you never have so much shopping on board, we’d like to disagree. When the time comes and it will come, that you have splurged on a large object or enough for an entire family on major festivals, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself for having chosen the car with large boot space. It eliminates added expense of logistics and it can even act as a tool for major life decisions i.e moving houses. We feel extra boot space is an added bonus.

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