Look what we spotted testing!

16/11/2010 - 13:02 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Commercial Vehicle test mule

OK, we don't know what this is expect for a fact that it's a vehicle with an "On Test" badge on it.

While sitting in office and looking out in window out of boredom resulting from the lack of any interesting stories to post, a white truck appeared out of nowhere and entered the fuel bunk on the opposite side of the road. Assuming it was a Mahindra Maxximo, I turned away, sipping on hot coffee that tasted better today, thanks to the effect of pouring rain.

I turned towards the window and looked again. The rain had picked up and by chance, I glanced at the petrol bunk one more time.

Straight away, a story for IAB had emerged. There was a sense of excitement suddenly. A scoop had come searching for us.

I rushed down with a friend, got into the car and began pursuit of a white load carrier. As we drew closer to the truck, we realized it was massive for a compact truck. The dimensions are bigger than the Maxximo. It was not styled anything like a Mahindra, Piaggio or a Tata. I knew this had to be a from another brand.

After taking a few close-ups of this pickup, I return back to office to punch down this story. I feel like some kind of a superhero. After analyzing the pictures, I suddenly feel like Sherlock Holmes.

Do you know what this vehicle is? This looks very much like a pick-up from a bygone generation. The styling is outdated. The vehicle's registration number was TN 20 XXXX. The Mahindra W201 SUV we spotted testing back in May also had a similar plate but my hunch is this isn't a Mahindra.

Unidentified mini truck test mule

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