New patent images reveal Honda Goldwing to feature rear-facing radar

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In November 2020, a bunch of patent images were leaked online revealing that the future Honda Goldwing model will be equipped with a forward-facing radar system. Now, more leaked patent images have surfaced on the internet showing that Honda is also working on a rear-facing radar system for its luxurious and comfortable cruiser.

Honda Goldwing Rear Facing Radar
The rear-facing radar system on the Honda Goldwing would be placed inside the top box.

The new patent filings suggest that the rear-facing radar system would be made available only in the Honda Goldwing Tour variant which comes with a pillion armchair and a top box. It can be seen in the images that the rear-facing radar system would be fitted inside the top box just below the latch for the lid. While a front-facing radar system would add the adaptive cruise control feature, the rear-facing unit would provide blind-spot detection via displays on the dash or in the mirrors.

Just like how Honda has managed to hide the front-facing radar sensor in plain sight by placing it in the middle of the Honda Goldwing’s massive headlamps, the rear-facing radar sensor has also been well hidden inside the top box. This would enable the systems to function uninterruptedly without spoiling the motorcycle’s looks.

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At the moment, it is unclear whether Honda is developing its own radar-based systems or using the same Bosch units which other motorcycle brands like BMW, Ducati, KTM and Kawasaki have signed up to for.

Regarding the launch of the new Honda Goldwing with both the front and rear-facing radar systems, no official statement has been released by the Japanese company. However, speculations are that the updated model would be out in the open in 2022.

Honda Goldwing Rear Facing Radar Patent
This system would add features like blind-spot detection.

By the way, did you know that the first motorcycle in the world to feature both front and rear-facing radar systems is the new Ducati Multistrada V4?

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