What are the key changes in BS6 Jawa Classic & BS6 Jawa Forty Two?

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The BS6 Jawa Classic and BS6 Jawa Forty Two bikes were launched in India in early March this year, however, Classic Legends did not reveal the specifications of the bikes at that time. The technical specs of both the BS6-compliant models were announced in June. While the BS6 Jawa Classic and BS6 Jawa Forty Two look very similar to their BS4 counterparts, the company has implemented several changes in both of them. So, what are those key changes? Let’s find out.

Bs6 Jawa Classic Right Side
Classic Legends has confirmed that the deliveries of the BS6 Jawa Classic and BS6 Jawa Forty Two have commenced.

The highlight of the new Jawa Classic and Jawa Forty Two motorcycles is the BS6 engine. It is the same 293cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled mill with a DOHC set up, however, to make it comply with the stricter and more stringent Bharat Stage 6 emission standards, the company has incorporated India’s first cross port technology.

The powerplant used in both the BS6 models is the world’s first single-cylinder engine that features the cross port configuration which increases the volumetric efficiency of the mill by enabling better flow of charge and exhaust gases and improves power and torque output. The newly positioned lambda sensor monitors the internal and external variables even more efficiently to give a consistent performance and cleaner emissions regardless of any road condition. The cross port tech also helps the motorcycles retain their characteristic twin exhaust identity.

Apart from the revised engine, the BS6 Jawa Classic and BS6 Jawa Forty Two also gets a re-engineered seat with better cushioning for enhanced comfort, especially during long rides. Classic Legends has also improved chrome plating on the motorcycles which now comes with the backing of rigorous testing rated at two and a half times the industry standard. In addition, there have been a host of changes under the skin right from the tone of the horn to a slicker gearshift.

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Classic Legends has confirmed that the deliveries of the BS6 Jawa Classic and BS6 Jawa Forty Two have commenced. Both the new models are now available for display, test rides, and booking at the showrooms.

Following is a detailed price table of the BS6 Jawa models:

Colour Price of BS6 model with single-channel ABS* (in INR) Price of BS6 model with dual-channel ABS* (in INR)
Black 1,73,164 1,82,106
Grey 1,73,164 1,82,106
Maroon 1,74,228 1,83,170
Jawa Forty Two
Haley’s Teal 1,60,300 1,69,242
Comet Red 1,65,228 1,74,170
Galactic Green 1,65,228 1,74,170
Nebula Blue 1,65,228 1,74,170
Lumos Lime 1,64,164 1,73,106
Starlight Blue 1,60,300 1,69,242
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*Ex-showroom, Delhi

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