Report - IAB attends BMW’s xDrive Tour in Mumbai

02/06/2013 - 21:44 | BMW | Shoeb Kalania

This past weekend, BMW conducted an xDrive Tour in Mumbai to let customers experience BMW’s all-wheel-drive technology.

BMW xDrive event Mumbai - BMW X6 on the ramp

The event was held at High Street Phoenix Shopping Mall in Mumbai. Customers could experience the xDrive in the BMW X3, the X5 or the X6, under expert guidance.

A specially designed course, which includes obstacles like Articulation Humps, Inclination and the BMW X Ramp, allows the customer to experience the capability of the xDrive system in various scenarios.

BMW xDrive Tour

Observing these SUVs tackling the obstacles leaves one with an impression that a scary and tiresome stint awaits behind the wheel. However once you belt up, it is just a matter of pointing the wheels in the correct direction and tapping the brakes softly.

BMW X6 at xDrive Tour, Mumbai

BMW's xDrive technology takes care of most of the work. Cutting power to a wheel while detecting it's losing grip, to providing power to the one which has it the most is done within a fraction of a second. The xDrive system does its work and the vehicle drives around the course as if it was on plain ground all this time.

So what is the xDrive?

xDrive is BMW’s all-wheel-drive technology, which constantly monitors driving and distributes torque accordingly to the wheels. Under normal driving conditions the torque is split in 40:60 ratio between the front and rear wheels.

BMW xDrive tour, Mumbai - BMW X5

As soon as the system detects any change in the traction of any of the wheels, adjustments are made accordingly without the driver noticing a thing. The power distribution can vary from 50:50 and 0:100 depending upon the situation, within milliseconds.

For a more detailed explanation, watch the video below

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The xDrive Tour is basically an exercise to educate the customers of what BMW xDrive is about and how it is superior to its competition, which comes in the form of the Quattro system from Audi and the 4Matic system from Mercedes.

BMW xDrive Tour Mumbai

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