ULTIMAT3 pops out on Friday; QR coded cars spotted in Chennai; Endorsment by Sachin Tendulkar

24/07/2012 - 22:54 | ,   | Raja Rama Moorthy

We were the first to post pictures of the 3 Series testing in Chennai.

BMW 3 Series QR coded carBMW 3 Series QR coded demo cars spotted in Chennai

We said earlier in the month that BMW will go crazy with its campaign in all the mediums for promoting the new 3 Series. IAB reader Fenin was the first to spot a QR coded car on the streets of Bangalore.

Today we show you yet another BMW 3 Series demo car, QR coded, spotted in Chennai by our friends Harish R and Sree Ganesh. The social media campaigning for the 3 Series is by far the biggest one undertaken by BMW India. With more than 851k followers on its page, ‘ALL ABOUT THE ULTIMAT3’ contest and posts with so many pictures explaining the 3 Series's specialities, BMW's online campaign has got everyone talking about their launch.

We also brought to your notice about a glass box filled with red balls at Mumbai's Infinity Mall, a place were potential buyers will throng on the weekends. The remaining balls will roll off the car on Friday.

Now in another development courtesy of our friends at Autocarindia.com, the Ultimate Run Machine is rumoured to be the first brand ambassador for the Ultimate Driving Machine in India.

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar may become India's first brand ambassador for BMW. Sachin is expected to be present at the new 3 Series launch on July 27th, which Indian Autos Blog will cover live. He is also expected to handover keys to the first 100 customers.

We learn that Sachin has passion for BMW that runs deep, but is he the perfect choice for the brand ambassador of BMW?

To pull down Audi from the numero-uno position, BMW has to make the 3 Series work. As you may have read, the F30 is touted to be the most successful 3 Series of all generations. BMW India needs the services of the 3 Series, X1 facelift and 7 Series facelift this year to keep the juggernaut rolling.

[Source - AutoCarIndia.com]

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