This Suzuki Hayabusa is a Bajaj Pulsar 220F Beneath, Modded For 2.2 Lakh

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There’s a totally different level of craze and fan following of the Suzuki Hayabusa in the Indian market. Unfortunately, the hard reality is that not everyone could afford one. So to fulfil their desires, people transform their motorcycles to visually resemble the mighty ‘Busa. Most of such conversions are performed on Bajaj Pulsar 220F models. We’ve seen several such modification jobs in the past, however, what we’ve got today is so good that only a keen eye would be able to tell that this isn’t an original Hayabusa.

We can see in the video that the attention to detail in this customisation work is commendable. For instance, it seems that the RHS engine cover that’s slightly visible isn’t of the Bajaj Pulsar 220F. It is larger and gives an impression that there’s a higher displacement engine underneath the fairing. Similarly, the luggage hooks near the rear seat cowl are also a nice touch.

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Another interesting element of this modified Pulsar 220F is the addition of USD front forks. They add to the motorcycle’s overall premium-ness and also enhance the front look. It’s also been told in the video that the front twin-disc setup actually works. Speaking of brakes, we can see that the rotors here are borrowed from the Bajaj Pulsar NS200. Moving to the rear, the dual exhausts, taillamp assembly, and wider rear tyre look nearly identical to those of the original Suzuki Hayabusa.

Pulsar 220f Into Hayabusa Front Right

While this modified Bajaj Pulsar 220F looks like the Suzuki Hayabusa, powering the motorcycle is still the same single-cylinder engine. So, as soon as the bike is fired up, you are greeted with the conventional 1-cylinder-motor exhaust note which gives away that this a mod-job. We can also see in the video that the instrument cluster has been reworked but it doesn’t feel as well finished as, let’s say, the bodywork.

Overall, we think that this is one of the best Bajaj Pulsar 220F to Suzuki Hayabusa conversions that we’ve witnessed so far. It looks like a lot of hard work, manhours, and money has been put into it. Speaking of the resources, it’s been told in the footage that this entire customisation project costs INR 2.20 lakh and it would take 3-4 months to get the job done.

Pulsar 220f Into Hayabusa Rear Left

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