Bajaj Dominar 250 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 - Quarter-Litre Battle

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250cc motorcycles have become quite popular in the Indian market. Options such as the Bajaj Dominar 250 and Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 are almost complete packages. These quarter-litre motorcycles have got the looks, features, and decent fuel efficiency figures. But what about performance? Well, these machines wouldn’t disappoint in this area, too. To give you an idea about it, here’s a top-end drag race video between the Dominar 250 and Gixxer SF 250.

Before we jump into the video, let’s have a quick look at the specs of the motorcycles in question here. The 4-valve, DOHC, twin spark engine of the Bajaj Dominar 250 produces 27PS of max power at 8500rpm and 23.5Nm of peak torque at 6500rpm. At 180kg (kerb weight), the D250 is one of the heaviest motorcycles in the segment. On the other hand, we have the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250. The 249cc oil-cooled engine pumps out 26.5PS of max power at 9300rpm and 22.2Nm of peak torque at 7300rpm. With a weight of 161kg, the Gixxer is much lighter than the Dominar.

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Now, with the specs out of the way, let’s get on with the video that has been uploaded by YouTuber “Rough rider azam”. Two drag race attempts are made. In the first one, the Dominar 250 gets off the mark first, however, the Gixxer is quick to gain momentum and takes on the lead. We can see in the footage that the Dominar rider uses slipstream at around 150km/h to cover up the gap and overtakes the Gixxer eventually.

For the second attempt, the riders switch motorcycles. Thanks to the Gixxer’s less weight and the rider’s skills, the Suzuki gets off the mark instantly and leads the race. However, the Dominar is right at its tail. The competition is neck to neck as both motorcycles are next to each other doing speeds of around 145km/h. The Gixxer manages to create some gap but that doesn’t last for long and the Dominar wins the race by a slight margin.

It’s quite surprising to see the Bajaj Dominar 250 give some serious competition to the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 in this race considering it’s the heavier machine of the two. Also, we were hoping that Gixxer’s aerodynamic fairing would be a game-changer. Of course, the riders’ skills play a major role here. So, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that when it comes to performance, both these motorcycle stand right next to each other.

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