Ather 450X Top-Speed Tested In All Four Riding Modes

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Bengaluru-based Ather Energy is one of the most recognised EV-makers in India. Its electric scooter, the Ather 450X, has become quite popular for many reasons such as good looks, smart features, and great performance. The 450X is a very nimble and fun handling scooter, the very reason it has earned a good reputation for itself among enthusiasts in the EV space.

Speaking of performance, the Ather 450X uses a 6kW permanent magnet synchronous motor which provides 26Nm of instant torque and addictive acceleration. The electric scooter also has four riding modes - Eco, Ride, Sports, and Warp - to choose from depending on your needs. But have you ever wondered what’s the Ather 450X top speed? How fast can it go in each of these modes? Well, if you have, here we have a video that exactly answers that question.

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In this video, we have tested the top speed of the Ather 450X in each of the four riding modes. It can be seen in the footage that in the Eco mode, the electric scooter reaches a top speed of 54km/h but does not go any faster, even with the throttle fully open. This means that Ather Energy has electronically limited the top speed to this figure in Eco mode. It takes the 450X 26.87 seconds to reach this top speed in Eco mode.

Ather 450x Front Three Qaurter
The Ather 450X has a top-speed of 91 km/h in its Sport mode.

Next comes the Ride mode. As you can see in the video, the scooter achieves a top speed of 60km/h in 19.93 seconds in Ride mode. The top-speed is not only higher than the Eco mode but it also accelerates to this speed much faster. In the Sports mode, the Ather 450X maxes out at 91km/h in 17.80 seconds. Interestingly, this is also the top speed which has been attained in the remaining Warp mode. However, it takes about 3 seconds more than the Sport mode at 20.53 seconds to achieve the top-speed.

Ather 450x Green Side Profile
The range on the 450X keeps reducing if you opt for the faster riding modes.

It is obvious that as you select the faster modes, the overall range of the Ather 450X goes down. For your reference, Ather Energy claims that their electric scooter can do 85km in a single charge in the Eco mode whereas this figure drops to 70km for the Ride mode. In the Sports mode, the 450X would be able to cover 60km. The company has not listed any range for the Warp mode on its website.

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