Very soon in India - Honda CR-V powered by a diesel engine

19/06/2009 - 20:10 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Good news for those who were missing the strengths of a diesel engine in a Honda CR-V. According to some reports, Honda is looking forward to launch a Honda CR-V powered with a diesel engine this year. It is rumored that the CR-V diesel will be priced around 25 lakh rupees in India.

Some of you will be surprised to know according to Honda sales literature in UK the CR-V stands for ‘Compact Recreational Vehicle’ and Japanese Honda fact books say it stands for ‘Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.’

The CR-V loosely originated from Honda Civic when the Japanese car maker felt the need of adding a Sports Utility Vehicle to their line of products.

In India, the CR-V is currently produced with both an all wheel drive and a front wheel drive with two petrol engines.

Honda CR-V facts -

Honda produces the CR-Vs in UK and Japan for the worldwide markets. North American CR-Vs are produced at Liberty, Ohio. Chinese CR-Vs are produced by Dongfeng Honda Auto Company a joint venture of Dongfeng and Honda. American CR-Vs will also be produced in Jalisco, Mexico in addition to US, Japan and Britain due to increasing demand of CR-Vs in America.

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