Tata - Over 1.2 million have played the Official Tata Nano game, have you?

01/05/2009 - 22:34 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

We've test driven the Tata Nano, but few others have had the opportunity to do it since dealerships across India have been provided with just one or two display cars, and they have to be protected till the next batch arrives in July.

However all is not lost. If you haven't driven the Nano in the real world, why not try it in the virtual world? Over 1.2 million virtual test drives of the Tata Nano have already been recorded!

The Official Tata Nano game can be played at http://www.tatanano.com. It features three levels, not before you customize your Nano and give it the best alloys and decals. Level one demands you to drive sensibly, negotiating a public bus, motorcyclist and pedestrians, the usual suspects who bog you down on Indian roads.

The second level demands you to be in a party in time after picking up 4 Sumo wrestlers. The 4 Sumos will have space inside the Nano since its built that way, but we are questioning the Nano's pickup, wait, will the 624cc engine even move the wheels with 4 Sumos in the real world?

The game is nevertheless fun to play and you've got to have wait for it to load as a million others are taking the Nano challenge at the same time.

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Press Release

Over 1.2 million virtual test drives recorded for Tata Nano already

Tata Nano’s online game has got the buzz going in the virtual world as well, with over 1.2 million test drives already. The game, developed in association with Zapak Digital Entertainment, is available in the ‘play’ section of www.tatanano.com. The web site has received 25 million hits since the launch of the car on March 23

In this racing game, the player can customise the Tata Nano by choosing colours, wheels, decals, etc. The game can be played at three levels, with different sets of exciting challenges. The player has to reach the destination within a specified time limit.

Says Arun Mehra, chief marketing officer, Zapak Digital Entertainment, “The Tata Nano is a dream come true for India. Everyone wants to own the Tata Nano and experience it in every way possible. The game is a hit among our users and we are thrilled with the response.”

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