Tata Motors announces plans to make Tata Nano Art Cars

13/09/2012 - 14:07 | Tata Nano | Kaustubh Shinde

Back in 1975, French racecar driver Hervé Poulain commissioned the BMW Art Car Project that would use a BMW car as a canvass to create artistic automotive impressions.

Tata Nano Art Logo

The project was so successful that to date 17 art cars have hit the ramp – each having their own distinctive identity.

Tata Motors wants to take a leaf out of BMW’s book to create Nano Art cars. Tata Motors has commissioned the Art in Motion project where we will see the Nano being painted by world renowned Indian artists.

The inaugural Art Car will be painted by renowned artist, Ms. Sangeeta Babani in Mumbai. Bablani plans to interpret the theme of celebration using her signature blend of realism and abstractionism. She will start painting the car from September 14, at the Palladium Courtyard of the High Street Phoenix, Mumbai.

Once painted, Sangeeta Babani’s Nano Art car will tour the city during the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festivity, visiting pandals and popular Mumbai destinations. It will also visit orphanage homes and children’s schools to spread happiness.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be just an audience. You can participate too. All you Tata Nano fans can upload you Nano art car photos, taken during its tour of the city, to a special Facebook application on the Nano’s FB fan page. The fan with the best shot of the Art Nano will be selected for a special visit by the car!

Want to be updated about the Tata Nano Art Car project? The link www.tatanano.com/nanoartinmotion will be updated from the 14th of September.

Talking about reaching the audience, this is by far the best initiative that we have seen in the Indian market. It is a very classy approach to reach mass audience and the timing of Ganesh Chaturthi festival couldn’t have been more appropriate!

Our reader Sree Ganesh has sent us his thoughts in an email -

Tata Motors consistently does something to keep the Nano in the news, though not always for the right reason. This time they have come out with Tata Nano - Art in Motion . In their own words,  it is designed to celebrate, life, creativity, freedom and culture.

This is not the first time a company has made an Art car. BMW dived into the world of Art Cars way back in 1975 with the 3.0 CSL.

Tata Nano Art Car project Image Gallery

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