Spy Shots: Volkswagen New Mid-Size Sedan (NMS) Test Mule

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At first glance this car looks an awful lot like a next-gen VW Jetta both in shape and size, but the piece of paper on the windshield reads "VW 411 NMS" - which means, this is a 'Test Mule*' for VW's NMS (New Midsize Sedan) development. This supplements Volkswagen's recent announcement that will build a new mid-size sedan(NMS) aimed specifically at the US market. In fact, this is the very first Test mule* photographed.

This image was captured few days back in Germany as the car was being loaded on to a truck after testing.

VW NMS will compete against Honda Accord,Toyota Camry

This vehicle is built on a stretched Jetta chassis which includes some components(mainly engine and transmission) of the new midsize sedan (NMS) being tested. This however is not the final design, as the designing is in the developmental stages. This car will be built in Chattanooga(USA) before 2011after undergoing thorough revisions and passing all State and Federal norms.

VW NMS-Same size as VW Passat but a lower price-tag

Apart from the North American market, VW will be also prepare variants for the Asian markets like China and India.

The Main Features of the NMS include:

-2.5L Inline 5 cylinder Engine

-Generous legroom

-Large Boot space

-More and super-sized cup holders

-Improved interiors

-ABS with front and rear disc brakes

-Ample airbags

-Interface with various mobile devices

-Six-speed double clutch (DSG) transmission or 5 speed manual

-FSI and TDI powerplants

-Possible AWD(all wheel drive) option

*Test Mule: It is a vehicle equipped with experimental or prototype components in an existing platform/chassis for testing. Built before a full pre-production model in order to find problems. They are drivable but are not the final version.

Image Courtesy: Brenda Priddy and Company

Source: WRCBTV

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