Next gen Smart ForTwo/ForFour to attend Frankfurt 2013

17/08/2012 - 16:40 | ,   | Shrawan Raja

2012 Smart ForTwo+2Auto Motor Und Sport has reported that the next generation Smart ForTwo and ForFour will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show next year, either in a production-ready form or as a near-production-ready concept.

The new Smart ForTwo and ForFour projects are jointly developed by Daimler and Renault.

The ForTwo will be based on the Renault Twizy platform, while the ForFour will share underpinnings with the next gen Renault Twingo.

Though we have no technical details or drawings to show the concept's features, inserted above is a photograph of a clay model that may give you clues on what to expect from the five-door ForFour model.

India's premium car market is projected to grow multifold in the next five years and new segments are always being created.

Mercedes Benz India can launch the Smart brand for two reasons -

  • The ForTwo or ForFour is an ideal solution in urban areas where luxury sedans and crossovers find it impossible to cope with the congestion and lack of parking space.
  • There is a luxury segment between 10-20 lakhs which Mercedes Benz cannot penetrate because of the fear of brand dilution.

Will premium segment customers subscribe to the idea of owning a second or a third car, from the Smart family, as one that gets them to places quickly and efficiently?

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